My _ Minutes Survey

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions
honestly. No lying or cheating.
Starting time : 11 : 40 pm

Name : Rara Farah

Brother(s) : 5

Eye colour : BLACK
Shoe size : 8(bapak besar)
Hair : LONG
Piercings : NO
Height : 162cm
What are you wearing right now : PYJAMA
Where do you live : TERENGGANU
Favourite number : 7
Favourite month : MAY
Favourite breakfast : HALF BOILED EGG

-Have you ever-

Broken a bone : NO

Been in a police car : NO

Fallen for a friend : YES
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : NO
Swam in the ocean : YES
Fallen asleep in school : NO
Broken someone's heart : NO
Cried when someone died : SOMETIMES
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : NO
Saved e-mails : YES
Been cheated on : SOMETIMES


Your room look like : JAMBAN
What is right beside you : DESK
What is the last thing you ate : TWISTIES MESTI MAU

-Ever Had-

Chicken pox : YES
Sore throat : SOMETIMES
Stitches : NO
Broken nose : NO

-Do You-

Believe in love at first sight : YES
Like picnics? : YES


Who did you last yell at? : NO ONE
Who was the last person you danced with? : NOBODY
Who last made you smile? : HIM.

-Final Questions-

What are you listening to right now? : MAHER ZAIN SONGS
Are you the oldest? : NO
Indoors or outdoors? : BOTH

-Today did you-

Talk to someone you like? : YES
Kiss anyone? : NO
Talk to an ex? : NEVER
Miss someone ? : YES

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone? : HIM
Made you cry? : MY EX
Went to the movies with? : FRIENDS
You went to the mall with? : SISTER
Who cheered you up? : HIM

-Have you-

Been to Mexico? : NEVER
Been to USA? : NO


Have a crush on someone? : ERK??NGEEE
What books are you reading right now? : NO
Best feeling in the world : SLEEPING
Future kids name? : SECRET..HEHE
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : NO
What's under your bed? : EMPTY
Favourite sport(s) : FOOTBALL
Favourite place : MY BEDROOM
Who do you really hate? : BACKSTABBER N COPYCAT
Do you have a job? : YES.
What time is it now? : 11 : 55

SILE AMEK TAG NIE...shannice,ekyn ,cikyaya ,ummu ,cik lya ,
miza yusof ,nesa ,alexa yussida ,nana ,pensel kontot ,ain&taufik ,
cikliyana getah ,nadhratul ,puteri asyazana ,cik su .

With however long it took you to complete this,
post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.

17 0t0men FIRE!!:

Cik Liyana said...

tag 15? ohh i'm dead!

okey nty i buat yer!

alexa yussida said...

hahaha..buat tp derhaka sikit..tguuuu~~ tenkiu:p

Pensel Kontot said...

oke kite dah buat da...hehehe

Shannice said...

banyaknya kena tulis O_o)... sy akan ambil jugak! hehe

~Nana 귀여운~ said...

adushh..many punyer soklan dieww..haih tapi dun wory saya jwb k..

teddyuna said...

^_^ saiz kaki kita sama 8.. mmng gedabak

teddyuna said...

^_^ saiz kaki kita sama 8.. mmng gedabak

Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

bgus. dah buat. hehu..

eyh.kasut aku size 9. lagi r. kaki mak gajah. haha..

Rara Farah said...

hahaha..apesal kaki kau lagi besar dr aku????

suffer8zine said...

omg! panjang!

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Rara Farah said...


zana ahmad said...

zana dah buat...

new entry :eye mo

❤ Cik Ain ❤ said...

da siap da tag ni... check this out cik rara

Tomato Gurl's Life said...

wah byk tag tue..hehe :)

p/s; seminggu cik tom tak online..skang sesi balas jejak entry+komen :)

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

semua org buat ni skrg

Rara Farah said...

aah..tag terkini..hehe...pnjg giler

sekuk tawa said...

beso kaki saiz 8 tu..ahaha..3 lagi leh r kite kongsi crocs..eheh