Pocketful Of Sunshine

giler...giler..giler...tag nie dh lme
org wt...tp aku jugak yg merangkak2
ala baby nk buat...hehe..sori cik ain&taufik..

you must write the song title as the answer to the question,
no matter how silly it sounds!

most of the time they seem to work though,strangely enough.

ok, go!

when you're done, tag people in this note,and

make sure to tag the person who sent you this.

the answer for #20 is the title of your note.

if someone says "is this okay?" you say
Its Ok by Atomic Kitten

how would you describe yourself
Teruna Dan Dara by The Safarie Band(Best!!!)

what do you like in a guy @ girl?
Nobody by Wonder Girls

how do you feel today?
Here Without You by Three Doors Down

what is your purpose of life?
Pada MU Ku Bersujud by Afgan

what is your motto?
Mercy by Duffy(yeah bebeh!!)

what do your friends think of you?
You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson

what do you think of your parents?
Lagu Cinta Untukmu by Couple

what do you think about very often?
For The Rest Of My Life by Maher Zain

what is 2+2?
4 In The Morning by Gwen Stefani

what do you think of your best friend(s)
Friends With You by John Denver

what do you think of the person you like?
Sampai Hujung Nyawa by Purple

what is your life story?
Cinta Sudah Terlambat by Dygta

what do you want to be when you grow up?
Bintang by Air

what do you think of when you you see the person you like?
Cinta Dalam Hati by Charly St12

what will you dance to at your wedding?
Evacuate The Dancefloor by Cascada

what will the play at your funeral?
Bila Izrail Datang Memanggil by Hijaz

what is your biggest fear?
Kehilangan by Charly St12

what is your biggest secret?
This Love by Maroon 5

what will you post this as?
Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield


Puteri Iqa Izyan
Cik Su

7 0t0men FIRE!!:

Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

hua hua hua..
aku suke tagged nih.dah lama aku tunggu org tag aku tang nih..

asek dpt tagged same je.ni len dr len..haha

Rara Farah said...

kau sukew...keh3...sile buat...sbb tu aku tag kau...

aqish basir said...

suke2x semua lagu yang awk letakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

alinac lover said...

blog len mcm cane ek??

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

sayangnyer tag nie dalam bahasa inggeris. sy benci bahasa penjajah.^_^

Terkini: 1. Apelah Dosa Aku Dapat Kawan Macam Kau Nie 2. Besok Kau Dah Tua Kau Tahu Lah 3. Contest Makan Ayam

Rara Farah said...


Darkbatman said...

aie ske dygta..best jer.